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FAQ Manager plugin comes with built-in and useful FAQ widgets. So you can easily display your FAQ contents in widget areas.

01: FAQ Category Widget

02:FAQ Topic Widget

03: FAQ Top Voted Widget

04: FAQ Random Widget

Topic 2

You can use the following class references to customize the FAQ layout and it's other components like Accordion container, label, content, search box as well as the external FAQ submission form.

01. Accordion Container:


02. Accordion Label:

.baf-faq-container label{}

03. Accordion Content: 

.baf-faq-container .baf_content{}

04. Accordion Search Box: 


05. Accordion External Form:



Md Mahbub Alam Khan   March 27, 2018  

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Yes, we always keep our plugin up to date and ensure compatibility with latest WordPress version. So, you can use our plugin without any doubt.

Md Mahbub Alam Khan   June 8, 2015  

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