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How to solve single FAQ 404 issue?

Getting 404 (Page Not Found) is a very common issue for custom post type single post. But it is quite easy to fix. To solve that, Go to Settings>Permalinks. Next, click on Post name radio and click Save. Finally, Check FAQ single page, and hopefully it will now work perfectly.

How to create a custom single page for FAQ?

You can easily create a custom single page for display single FAQ content. To do this, go to your theme folder, then create a copy of single.php file ​and rename it single-bwl_advanced_faq.php. Now, all single FAQ contents will display in newly created page.

FAQ translation file is not working !

To translate FAQ plugin please follow the steps described in below- Step 01: You like to translate FAQ plugin in to German language. FAQ plugin text domain is ‘bwl-adv-faq’. So, .po file name should be bwl-adv-faq-de_DE.po. Translate plugin texts using .po editor. It will automatically generate file. Step 02: Now, placed that bwl-adv-faq-de_DE.po & [...]

How to change FAQ Form Title?

Please follow the steps - 1. Open “bwl_advanced_faq_manager_form_shortcode.php” file 2. Go to line no – 87 and you will get “Add A New FAQ Question !” text in there.

How can I localize the plugin?

You will get language terms in "lang/default.po" file. You have to install “poedit” software in your computer. - Our Plugin text-domain is 'bwl-adv-faq' - If you are new about “localization of a plugin”, then I recommend you to check this video.
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