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BWL Advanced FAQ Manager is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to create and display unlimited number of FAQ posts for any WordPress powered website. Additionally, this plugin provides the option to insert a FAQ section into pages, posts or widget areas.

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The FAQ plugin has an Extensive and Powerful Option Panel which ensures the best user experiences to create and FAQ contents. User friendly options to Add, Edit, Delete and sort the FAQ posts from the admin panel. Furthermore, the plugin has a Visual Shortcode Editor. So, you can quickly include shortcodes in the post/page content. Built-in widget feature provides you the necessary options to show FAQ posts in sidebar of the website.

Additionally, the plugin has Unique Live Search Box that gives the users to find their questions answer easily from long FAQ lists. If you need to display a large list then Pagination feature will provide you that support. Now, it is very convenient to manage large number of FAQ posts and preview in any area of the web site. Hope you liked the plugin.

Rukaya Mahbub 285 88 March 9, 2014

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FAQ plugin comes with tons of premium and unique features that boost up user experience of your site users. Here goes list of features-

  • Almost zero configuration required.
  • Create unlimited number of FAQs.
  • Live FAQ search to find FAQ’s quickly.
  • Unique FAQ pagination system.
  • 7 different FAQ Themes With Custom Theme Generator.
  • Display FAQs in tabs.
  • Front-end FAQ ask form.
  • Math Captcha Validation For FAQ Submission.
  • Custom Slug For Single FAQ.
  • Extensive FAQ option panel.
  • Visual Shortcode editor.
  • Accordion and Toggle mode.
  • Expand All / Collapse All buttons.
  • Font-awesome up/down arrow for FAQ collapse navigation.
  • RTL support.
  • 3 Types of Built-in FAQ Widgets.
  • Custom FAQ sorting option.
  • FAQ rating option.
  • FAQ categories.
  • FAQ topics.
  • FAQ filtering by categories and topics in admin panel.
  • Display single FAQ any where of Site.
  • Pure CSS3 accordion with jQuery fallback.
  • Responsive layout to fit any screen size.
  • Ready for localization (Mo & Po file included).
  • WPML compatible.
  • Support WordPress latest version.
  • Well written documentation,
  • Automatic notification for new version.
  • Get 6 months Premium support From developer.
Md Mahbub Alam Khan 42 89 March 9, 2014

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