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5 ways to define array in php

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5 ways to define array in php

Arrays are the kings of advanced data structures in PHP. PHP arrays are extremely flexible—they allow numeric, auto-incremented keys, alphanumeric keys or a mix of both, and are capable of storing practically any value, including other arrays.

All arrays are ordered collections of items, called elements. Each element has a value and is identified by a key that is unique to the array it belongs to. As I mentioned in the previous line, keys can be either integer numbers or strings of arbitrary length. So, lets have a look 5 ways to define array in php.

– Define an empty array.

$my_array_1 = array();

– Define an auto incremented indexed array.

$my_array_2 = array("elem_1","elem_2","elem_3");

– Define an array with assigned index(number)

$my_array_3 = array(

– Define an array with assigned index(string)

$my_array_4 = array(
"sex" =>"male"

– Define a multidimensional array:

$multi_dim_array =  array();
$multi_dim_array[] = array("elem_1","elem_2");
$multi_dim_array[] = array("elem_3","elem_4");
echo $multi_dim_array[0][1];
echo $multi_dim_array[1][0];


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