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BWL Pro Voting Manager provide you a great way to add a custom voting system for your website. It's simple, fast and easy to use! It's comes with zero configuration requirement. Just plug & Play. Plugin works nicely with custom post types too. Check out plugin feature review -



Plugin comes with lots of unique and useful features that makes your WordPress powered web sites voting system super easy and cool. Check out plugin unique features list.

Zero Configuration Required

No matter you are an expert or novice ! Plugin comes with zero configuration requirement feature. So that you don't need to worry about custom configuration to run plugin in your site.

Just download the plugin upload in your site, active the plugin and your site is ready to count users votes!

Like Dislike Voting Panel

Quick, Easy and eye catching voting panel for posts, pages and custom post types. Now, You can easily determine your site contents quality by users votes. You can also set custom like dislike icons from 8 different icon variations. Also you can set your own custom image as like/dislike button icon.

Animated/plain voting bar allows your user to get a quick overview about your post quality. This is one of the unique feature of voting manager plugin. You can enable/disable voting panel according to your need.

jQuery Powered Voting Counting System

Voting Manager Plugin count user votes using AJAX technology. We used jQuery as our JavaScript framework that count user votes with proper security.

Also, in back-end we use IP filtering techniques, so no one can submit more than one vote from a single IP. Admin can set/unset IP filtering feature. Also,

Feedback Form For Dislike Vote

Unique way to make your website content better. If user will give a dislike vote for your site content, our plugin display a feedback form to collect user opinion about what they missed on that content. Once user submit a feedback, an email will send notification message to the site administrator. You can also set custom email address to receive notification.

Built-in Custom Widget Panel

Plugin comes with built-in custom widget panel that allows you to display top liked , top disliked posts in your website sidebar. That way you can make a nice list of top voted posts. You can also filter them by post types.

Extensive Option Panel

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Like/Dislike Votes Statistics

Built-in custom column with every posts, page and custom post types to display statistics of total likes & dislikes.

5 Voting Management System

You can hide voting panel, show voting panel, pause voting, close voting and set custom voting date range.

Quick & Bulk Edit Option

You can easily change voting panel display settings, Reset like, Reset dislike votes and Reset feedback counters.

Support Custom Post Types

Voting Manager Support all custom post types. You can enable/disable voting interface for custom post types.

Customize Your Voting Panel

From option panel you can easily change like/dislike button colors, progress bar colors and upload custom images.

Visual Shortcode Editor

TinyMce integrated shortcode editor allows you to insert voting interface shortcode in to your post content. No more Copy & Past shortcodes.

Voting Filter By IP Address

To prevent duplicate votes from same IP voting plugin comes with IP address filtering feature. You can also determine number of votes per IP address with in a time interval.

Custom Filter Shortcode

Using custom shortcode filter, it's very easy to display daily, weekly, monthly, custom date range top up voted and top down voted posts. You can also set post display limit.

User Role Based Voting Filter

You can not only restrict voting for registered users but also define the roles of the users who will able to submit votes for a post. Very useful feature when you want to cast votes only specific user types.

Custom Stylesheet Panel

To add custom stylesheet code you don't need to change any plugin/theme stylesheet code. Add code in to option panel editor and you will never loose the change in future update!

Ready for Localization

You need a plugin in your own language? Plugin comes with default .mo and .po file. You just need to insert translated texts in to your own language using poeditor. Check documentation for details.

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