How to use BWL Pro Voting Manager

BWL Pro Voting Manager plugin require almost zero configuration and coding knowledge. After successful installation process you will able to see a voting panel just bottom of every single post page.

  1. In the image you can see 2 buttons are available for casting votes. First one for up vote and second one for down vote.
  2. In Right side you can see three rows. First row displaying total no of votes for current post.
  3. Second row displaying the up and down vote progress bar. You can change bar colors from option panel.
  4. Finally, third row displaying individual numbers of up and down vote cast for current post.

Feedback Form:


This feedback form provide a great way to collect feedback from your user and improve post contents. When user submit a feedback our plugin will send it to site admin email address. You can enable/disable email notification feature. You can also customize email address in option panel.

This Feedback Form has a nice option to protect spam. Our plugin verify user by a simple random math captcha. If user successfully answer the captcha question then plugin forward feedback message to admin email and store message in DB for future use. All input form user is properly sanitized.

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