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BWL Poll Manager Plugins v1.0.4

Created: 30/04/2014
Last Edited:12/05/2016
By: Md Mahbub Alam Khan
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Table of Contents

  1. Quick Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. How To Use?
  4. Poll Manager Widget
  5. Option Panel
  6. Translate Plugin
  7. Upgrade Notes
  8. Change Log
  9. Credits
  10. Conclusion

A. Quick Introduction? - top

BWL Poll Manager provide you a great way to create unlimited custom poll system for your WordPress powered web site. You can easily create unlimited numbers of custom poll with unlimited options and then use them via Shortcode any where of your web site like page, post or inside custom posts.

This plugin comes with a built-in widget feature that allows you to show poll interface in sidebar areas. We are using WordPress popular custom meta box and custom post type technology to provide maximum flexibility.

Easy and quick interface will gives you a great user experience to create polls, sort options and add unlimited no of colors in your poll interface. Checkout our plugin outlook in WordPress site-

Single Answer Poll

Multiple Answer Poll

Poll Results( Animated Bar )

Poll Results( Animated Chart )

Poll Results( Glossy CSS3 Bar )

B. Installation: - top

- Steps:

  1. Go to plugins section in your WordPress admin panel and click Add New to install plugin.
  2. Now, upload the "" file.
  3. Once it uploaded successfully you will get success message and then simply activate the plugin.
  4. After activating plugins, you will redirect in plugins page of wp-admin panel and show new installed plugins information in there.
  5. Now you are ready to use BWL Poll Manager Plugin! In left sidebar menu you will see a new section like following image.

C. How to use ? - top

This plugin require almost zero coding knowledge. You just need to create polls like regular post of WordPress.
Go to your WordPress Admin panel and from "BWL Poll" section you select "Add New Poll".

  1. First, In top text Input field you need to write the Poll Question. For Example: I wrote - "What is your favourite CMS?". This Question will display in your shortcode editor, so you can easily use that poll any where of your web site.
  2. "Add Poll Options" section provide you a great option to add unlimited number of Options for current Poll and You can easily drag drop the options according to your need.
  3. "Background Settings" section contain options for add custom color for Poll Background, Question Background and Button Bar Background. You can also add custom border color for poll interface.
  4. "Advanced Settings" section comes with RTL(Right to Left) text support for Arabic language. You can also, hide result from Poll interface and you can Allow multiple votes from a single IP address.
  5. Finally, "Available Themes" section give you flexibility to add individual themes for each Poll. BWL Poll Manager comes with 6 attractive themes and you can use them very easily .

- All Polls Lists:

  1. You can easily view all polls from "All Poll" section.
  2. This area display you poll title, poll shortcodes, no of options added in your poll, no of votes submitted, current theme for poll and poll status.

- Quick Edit and Reset Poll Votes:

  1. You can easily reset poll votes any time you want. Just click quick edit option of any poll and select "Yes" From "Reset Poll Votes" drop down, click "update button". Your poll votes will be reseted.

- How to Intergrate Using Shortcode

BWL Poll Manager provide maximum flexibility to add shortcodes any where of your web site. We are using TinyMce integrated shortcode options. So, that you don't need to remember shortcodes syntax anymore. Just click on shortcode icon and you will see the options.

Now, after click on shortcode icon you can see list of polls added in your system. Just select one of them and click "Add Shortcode" button. Your poll shortcode will add automatically inside of text editor. Very easily and clean.

You can add random polls. Just check "Show Random Poll" check box and you are done.

D. Poll Manager Widget? - top

You can easily show polls in sidebar by using Widget option. Go to Appearance >> Widgets. You will find a widget box titled by BWL Poll Manager Widget. Drag and drop it in your right side widget container. Remember, your theme must support widget option for using this feature.

After setup all things successfully you can view Poll widget in your website sidebar.

E. Poll Option Panel? - top

General Options -

Theme Settings -

Advanced Settings -

F. Translate Plugin. - top

"BWL Poll Manager" offers cool translation feature. So, you can easily add this plugin any kind of website. Check following steps for translate "BWL Poll Manager" plugin.

  1. Inside of plugin "lang" folder you will get a file named "en_EN.po" file. To edit this file you need to install "poedit" software in your computer.
  2. Our Plugin text-domain is 'bwl-poll'
  3. If you are doing "localization of a plugin" for the first time, then I recommend you to check this video.
  4. Suppose you want to translate plugin in to "German" language.
    So,".po" file name will be "bwl-poll-de_DE.po". That's all.
  5. For country code check -
  6. For Language code check -

G. Upgrade Notes - top

2016, May, 12 - v 1.0.4
- Replace all files and folder of BWL Poll Manager

2014, December, 05 - v 1.0.3
- Replace all files and folder of BWL Poll Manager

2014, November, 10 - v 1.0.2
- Replace all files and folder of BWL Poll Manager

2014, May, 25 - v 1.0.1
- Replace all files and folder of BWL Poll Manager

2014, May, 20 - v 1.0.0
- Initial release

H. Change Log - top

2016, May, 12 - v 1.0.4
- Improved poll vote submission radio and checkbox buttons.
- Improved Poll Meta Box .
- Improved plugin performance.
- Added share button.
- Added Poll start and end date option.
- Added poll end date feature to automatic end of poll.
- Added option to submit multiple votes from same IP with votes limit feature.
- Added option to display random poll options.
- Improved language file.
- Improved documentation.

2014, November, 10 - v 1.0.3
- Added multiple choice options.
- Added feature to display poll in Modal Window.
- Added option panel for poll manager.
- Added custom CSS editor panel.
- Added 500+ Google fonts to customize poll question, options and buttons font.
- Added poll end date feature to automatic end of poll.
- Added Login required feature to submit vote.
- Added maximum no of answer submit limitation for multiple votes.
- Improved auto update notification.
- Updated Translation File.
- Updated Documentation file.

2014, November, 10 - v 1.0.2
- Update Custom Meta Box Fields.
- Added Plugin auto update notification.
- Update Translation File.
- Update Documentation.

2014, May, 25 - v 1.0.1
- Integrate Easy Pie Chart For Display Results.
- Integrate Tooltip with Easy Pie chart.
- Update Custom Meta Box Fields.
- Update Translation File.
- Update Documentation.
- Integrated Plugin Auto Update Feature

2014, May, 20 - v 1.0.0
- Initial release

I. Credits - top

  1. - Concept & Design
  2. - Easy Pie Chart
  3. - Custom Meta Boxes
  4. - CSS3 Progress Bars

J. Conclusion: - top

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing BWL Poll Manager Plugins.

Md. Mahbub Alam Khan

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